Praise for Moon Over Edisto

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There is a superbly talented young woman living in Charleston, South Carolina who spends much of her time writing novels. She weaves stories from the land that surrounds her and the people who populate her special portion of the world. Her name is Beth Webb Hart and her latest novel is Moon Over Edisto. It is her best novel to date. This book takes a simple story of love and heartbreak and makes it into a classic tale of love and achievement…..

The beauty of Hart’s writing is in the gentle touches she gives to her characters and the vivid descriptions she paints of the locales. There is a blend of place and person that is totally unique to her style of writing and it is one that entrances the reader. You cannot read a Beth Webb Hart story, and especially Moon Over Edisto, and not be touched. Her words seep into your mind and find a lodging place in your heart.

Moon Over Edisto is a beautiful story that readers will not want to end. You will fall in love with all the characters and you will admire the progress they make. It is a book written by someone with a passion for storytelling, so immerse yourself in this story. Beth Webb Hart is an author whose time has come. Moon Over Edisto is her watershed moment.


Publishers Weekly

Hart (Sunrise on the Battery) has crafted a heartwarming story of compassion and forgiveness amid the colorful landscape of South Carolina’s low country. Julia Bennett enjoyed an idyllic life growing up in a stately home in Charleston with younger sister, Meg. Their father Charles, a lawyer who loved to paint, and their mother Mary Ellen, a homemaker who loved to cook, completed their perfect nuclear family. The family drew even closer when at their rustic cottage on Edisto Island. There they would “wet a line,” paint, and frolic in the warm summer sun, often in the company of Marney, Julia’s best friend from college, until circumstances left Marney and Charles spending a summer alone at the cottage. Charles’ indiscretion did more than end his marriage; it devastated his relationship with his daughters and the girls’ relationship with each other. Only Aunt Dot seems to be able to bridge the gap between family members, until Marney has a need that only Julia can meet. Hart’s rich detail enhances each element, from the mouthwatering menus to the soul-wrenching confrontations, in this engaging and thought-provoking tale. (Feb. 2)


New York Journal of Books

Moon Over Edisto is enchanting. Ms. Webb Hart shows superb skill in delving deep into the heart of
a dysfunctional family. And with her detailed descriptions, the reader can almost feel the humidity of the Low Country, smell the acrid scent of pluff mud, hear the chirping of insects, and listen to the calls of the indigenous wildlife. A pleasing and satisfying read.



Hart paints her characters vividly and excels in her minute detail of the Low Country, elevating the place to the status of a character through evocative descriptions that draw in her protagonist—and her readers as well.


Dorothea Benton Frank, bestselling author of Porch Lights

Moon Over Edisto is a rich, endearing, can’t-stop-reading book about what matters most, the power of love to transform the human heart.












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